About Us.

Source Energy Solutions  is a Jordanian company that specializes in the installation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiencies. We are a premier designer and installer for commercial and residential 'green' power. Our products and services include solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind turbines, energy efficient lighting, and EV charging stations. In addition, we also conduct energy audits to give our customers ways to make their buildings more energy efficient.

What makes us different from our competitors is our focus. Our single attention and commitment is to ensure that our customers benefit from clean renewable energy. Our mission is to provide affordable energy solutions with cutting edge technology for both residential and commercial applications. As specialists we are able to consolidate and leverage our time and resources more effectively to be industry leaders.  

Founded by a group of Jordanian environmentalists  who understands Jordan's need for sustainable sources of energy. And as a passionate environmentalist, he started Source Energy on the foundation that a cleaner and healthier environment begins with education and community outreach. and believes that reducing environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions are positive steps to saving our planet and leaving a healthier place to live for our children.